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Hi, I'm Don McRae, Independent Freelance Consultant and CEO at I'm passionate about building quality commercial software and have been helping businesses reach their technology goals for over 20 years. 

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About Me

An accomplished professional who provides the role of Solution Architect, Software Developer, DevOps and Business Consultant. A business savvy Technologist with in-depth knowledge of contemporary Tools, Best Practices, Software Security and Cloud Platforms. An Engineer who loves to build amazing software.

My Mission

Through technology and software, help make my client's business ideas and goals become a reality. Strive to understand my clients industry and unique challenges so that I can bring fresh ideas from my extensive experience. Build lasting relationships and be a reliable technology resource for my clients.

My Approach

Use the right tools for the job and never lose sight of the business objective. Establish strong lines of communication to provide transparency into the development process. Constantly focus on improvement. Vigorously automate repetitive and mundane tasks in order to reduce costs and help my clients scale.

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Whether you are starting a new project or maintaining a legacy project, I can help you get it done right. Best Practices, Attention to detail, Expert Knowledge leads to better software.

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