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Who We Are

We are accomplished professionals who provide the roles of Solution Architect, Software Developer, DevOp and Business Consultant. We are technologists with indepth knowledge of contemporary Tools, Best Practices, Software Security, Mobile Devices and Cloud Platforms. We are Engineers who love to build amazing software.

Our Mission

We will, through technology and software, help make our client's business ideas and goals a reality. We will strive to understand our clients industry and unique challenges so that we can bring fresh ideas from our extensive experience. We will build lasting relationships and be a reliable technology resource for our clients.

Our Approach

We use the right tools for the job. We never lose sight of the business objective. We establish strong lines of communication to provide transparency into the development process. We are constantly focused on improvement. We vigorously automate repetetive and mundane tasks in order to reduce costs and help our clients scale.

Full Service Software Development Consultancy

Software Architecture

We are Experienced Architects and will design the best approach to solving your business needs.

Software Architecture

Software Architects design and build systems to meet business objectives as well as quality of service (QOS) requirements. In addition to user experience, QOS elements ensure that systems are reliable, scalable, manageable, maintainable, and can evolve over time. These “qualities” are enormously important to have baked in from the beginning, as adding any one of these qualities after the system is in production can be an expensive endeavor.

We employ a disciplined approach to defining and prioritizing QOS requirements which leads to specific tactics for dealing with them. We rely heavily on documenting Scenarios and Use Cases amongst stakeholders including the business, the user, and project management and so on. This process helps stakeholders understand business priorities relative to cost and sometimes technical constraints. In other words, what is the best system we can build given the amount of money and time available? What risks need to be mediated up front? What is the “killer feature”?

Get this right and downstream decisions are transparent, development costs are less and results are more predictable. Get this wrong and teams lose a sense of direction, development can become stalled, and results chaotic.

We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to Software Architecture.

Custom Software Development

We specialize in building Commercial Software with expertise in scalable distributed systems.

Custom Software Development

Almost all commercial software developed today relies on software platforms and frameworks. For example, web applications rely on web servers which rely on operating systems. Inside a web application there are yet even more frameworks, such as ui javascript frameworks as well as other ui components. On the Server side there’s frameworks for logging, diagnostics, configuration, database and messaging. Architects and developers mostly rely on open source and/or retail software frameworks for this infrastructure. On this software stack, the application or business logic is written. However, a considerable amount of effort, time, and money can be spent selecting, integrating and testing all these frameworks.

We’ve built enough systems to know the best-of-breed frameworks and components for most systems and have constructed our own software stack. Topics.Core is first and foremost a platform to build commercial software applications that inherently contain important Quality of Service (QOS) elements. It’s a core collection of specific package choices, integrated and tested over years of development. Topics Core is an integrated base-level software stack.

With Topics.Core, we can focus on your business requirements right out of the gate. This saves time and money.

Expert Problem Solvers

With deep knowledge of modern and legacy computing Platforms, we know how to diagnose and fix the most vexing software problems.

Expert Problem Solvers

The modern platforms that run today’s business applications have evolved over time. Each new version adds new capabilities and features that have been built on advances from previous versions. Interfaces get abstracted and simplified, new layers of functionality added, but the same core remains underneath. At the risk of sounding old, there is a benefit to have been around when those platforms like Windows, Unix, Java and .Net were still cutting their teeth. We’ve worked with version 1, experienced many of the platform bugs and in the process, developed a deep understanding of how these things work. This experience brings insight and instinct. When an application crashes in production for no apparent reason, you need instinct to know what questions to ask and where to look. You need instinct when a legacy application stops working and the last person to look at the code left the company 3 years ago.

We have that instinct and ability to quickly diagnose issues and restore service. We have the instinct to recognize the weak links in the chain and can make recommendations on how to avoid disaster.

Project Management

We adapt proven methodologies to your project ensuring predictable results and efficient teams.

Project Management

The ultimate goal of Project Management is to keep teams focused and working towards the goal as well as keeping management informed by providing transparency into the development process. We employ various methodologies such as Agile and Scrum as tools to achieve this. While we are not an evangelist on any one methodology, we adapt practices to fit the need and do whatever it takes to make teams most effective.


From Continuous Integration to Cloud Management to DevOps, we make your processes seamless.


In addition to developing software that meets your business goals, there is a considerable amount of effort that goes into managing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This covers several key aspects including effectively managing software versioning, branches and hot fixes in a source code repository such as Git or Subversion. SDLC also includes facilities for automatically building various configurations of your software and deploying it to targeted environments. This responsibility has recently been assigned to a resource known as a DevOp or someone who combines both development skills and operations know-how into a single role.

With a skilled DevOp, mundane and error prone manual tasks are replaced by repeatable automated processes that allow you to release better software faster and more reliably.

Topics Platform

Bootstrap your system with proven technologies on a tried and tested distributed systems platform.

Topics Platform

In today’s competitive environment, it’s simply impractical to build a system completely from scratch. It’s not only impractical, but also unnecessary. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of libraries and frameworks available to help get your system up and running. The important thing to remember is to only build those things that are part of your competitive advantage. So what we did with Topics Platform was to select best-of-breed frameworks and components that form the foundation for building your unique solution.

Topics Platform has been release as open source at GitHub. Please check out our blog site and read the Topics Platform Overview. Don’t forget to register to receive notifications as new articles are published.

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