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Celebrating 20 Years in Business! has been in the business of providing Complete Software Outsourcing, Contract Development and Consulting since 1992. Our services are positioned to help you maximize your technology investments by providing outstanding value at fair a price. We have extensive experience is all facets of commercial software development from Architecture and Design, to SDLC Management, Project Management and Software Development. We can manage your entire software development effort or seamlessly integrate with your existing staff. Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation and learn how McRaeSoft can benefit your organization.

Financial Industry and Trading Applications

For over 15 years, McRaeSoft has been focusing on Financial Industry projects in the area of real-time trading systems, market data integrations, and back-office clearing and settlement systems. We specialize in distributed Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) and highly available server software as well as intuitive and powerful user interfaces. Our knowledge and expertise in these areas will help get your project moving in the right direction quickly and cost-effectviely.

Now is the right time to keep your software project on-shore

Given the current economic conditions, experienced and highly trained professionals are available right here at home. Cost advantages to off-shoring have yet to materialize for all but the most simplistic and monolithic software projects. Cutting edge commercial software requires highly skilled people who understand your business and can readily integrate with and augment your existing staff.